• Currently, the PrecisionAnabolics website accepts payments in 9 different cryptocurrencies, and INTERAC e-Transfer through your online banking.
  • For your convenience if required, we have provided multiple options to purchasing Bitcoin using Interac e-Transfer, Visa, MasterCard and more.
  • If you are unfamiliar with using Bitcoin to pay for purchases, please refer to our easy-to-use, step-by-step guide to using Bitcoin, located here in the FAQ section.
  • The PrecisionAnabolics Canada website offers shipping throughout Canada only.
  • Yes, PrecisionAnabolics will ship to your desired mailing address, including PO boxes.
  • PrecisionAnabolics Canada ensures that there is no identifiable wording(or markings) on the packaging(or labelling) of your order, ensuring the true contents are hidden from all those that may come into contact with your order throughout the shipping process.
  • PrecisionAnabolics Canada is pleased to offer free shipping on all orders of $500 CAD(or more) shipped within Canada.
  • Domestically within Canada, we offer 2 business day shipping, nationwide with tracking number(May carry due to Covid-19)
  • Yes, all shipping options available through PrecisionAnabolics Canada provide a shipment tracking number, including free shipping.
  • A delay from the time your shipment tracking number is provided, until it is live on the Canada Post website may be experienced. Please allow 24-48hrs for shipment information to appear on the Canada Post website.
  • Domestically within Canada, no, it is not required, however, it is a free option if requested. (Currently, due to the ongoing COVID-19 safety concerns, signature service is not offered).
  • Due to the sensitive nature of the products PrecisionAnabolics Canada offers, we operate as an online store only. Therefore, there is no return mailing address to which improperly labelled packages will be returned to.
  • If your order has been shipped by the time the error is brought to our attention, then the package will be deemed “lost” and no refund will be issued, and a new order will have to be placed at regular cost.
  • If the error is brought to our attention before it has shipped, we will take all reasonable steps to correct the mistake in order to ship your order to the correct mailing address. 
  • We encourage you to please take a moment throughout the checkout process to confirm, and re-confirm that your mailing address is 100% correct before completion. 
  • Domestically within Canada, there is no risk to local customs seizing your order.
  • In the rare occurrence that a tracked order says “delivered” on the Canada Post website, but you did not receive your order(or you feel your order has been lost), please click the following link below for common resolutions.
  • If you do not find a resolution listed, we encourage you to submit a service ticket with Canada Post(found at the bottom of Canada Post page you are redirected to), which will then be investigated further.
  • All orders which state “delivered” on the Canada Post website will be treated as such by PrecisionAnabolics Canada, and no refunds, or re-shipping of orders(at no- cost) will occur.
  • All orders believed to be “lost” will require the creation of a service ticket through Canada Post(found at the bottom of Canada Post page you are redirected to), in addition to the understanding that PrecisionAnabolics Canada will not issue a refund, nor re-ship the items lost at no-cost. A new order will have to be placed.
Canada post
  • PrecisionAnabolics Canada does not offer its customers an option to create an account. All orders are placed with the convenience of checking-out as a “guest”.
  • With Covid-19 greatly affecting the mail-system all over the world, Please allow up to 3 business days processing time(and receiving tracking-information) 
  • PrecisionAnabolics Canada will take all reasonable steps to help annotate a customer’s order after it’s been placed and hasn’t been shipped, however cancellation and a new order placed may be required.
  • Customers accept the risk that if an order has shipped, it is considered final, which means no refunds will be issued, and no returns will be accepted.
  • No, there is no minimum or maximum purchase required. PrecisionAnabolics Canada accepts all orders, regardless of total order price.
  • PrecisionAnabolics Canada is pleased to offer bulk-orders. As a general rule of thumb, if you are looking to purchase over 2.2lbs(or 1kg) worth of products, please contact us directly for a quote.
  • Average product weights: Tablet packs: 0.5oz, Multi-dose vials: 1oz, Multi-dose oral dropper vials: 2.5oz, HGH: 3oz, Peptide vials: 0.5oz.
  • PrecisionAnabolics Canada has been offering premium-quality performance enhancing products to thousands of customers since 2007. 

PrecisionAnabolics Canada does not operate a physical retail location. It is an online store only.

  • Please refer to our “About” page to read about our products, and the effort that goes into making them.
About US
  • Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of our products, PrecisionAnabolics Canada can not offer a return policy. Customers are to understand that all sales are final.
  • PrecisionAnabolics Canada does not offer customs cycle, training or nutrition plans. 
  • Compare your Bitcoin wallet to the physical wallet you’d keep in your pocket;
  • You can take money OUT OF your physical wallet(“SEND”) and pay for goods and services, and;
  • You can put money INTO your physical wallet(“RECEIVE”), and store it there until you’re ready to pay for goods and services.


  • Exodus is a very simple, user-friendly wallet that has a desktop and mobile app option.

***Note- Videos may not load if you’re running a VPN***

go to exodus GO TO exodus desktop wallet demo video GO TO exodus mobile wallet demo video
  • Once you’ve downloaded and setup your Exodus wallet, there’s a few simple steps to finding your wallet address, which is required to purchase Bitcoin.


  • Click on the “Wallet” tab in the top left corner of the Exodus dashboard.(Pic 1)
  • After clicking the “Wallet” tab, click on the “Bitcoin” option amongst the list of currencies, which will then display in the middle of your screen.(Pic 2)
  • Click the “Receive” button underneath your currency balance.(Pic 3)
  • Clicking “Receive” will display an alpha-numeric code, which is your wallet address. “Copy” this address, as it will be required to purchase Bitcoin.(Pic 4)


  • Once you have your wallet address copied, please move on to step 3 and purchase your Bitcoin.
  • Now that you have your wallet and your wallet address, here is a list of secure, verified, and user-friendly sites to purchase     Bitcoin from.
  • It’s as easy as sending an Interac e-Transfer(Canadian banks), or purchasing with a Visa(or Mastercard), and providing your wallet address to receive your Bitcoin.
  • Once your Bitcoin is received in your wallet, that’s it! You’re now ready to pay for your order.


  • Please view the “Step 4: Placing your order on the checkout page, and paying with Bitcoin” demo video once you’ve completed step 3.

***Note- Videos may not load if you’re running a VPN***

go to Coincurve go to Coincurve Demo video
go to shakepay go to shakepay demo video
go to coinberry go to coinberry demo video
go to MYBTC go to mybtc demo video
go to paxful go to paxful demo video
go to localbitcoins go to localbitcoins demo video
  • PrecisionAnabolics does not use the payment gateway Bitpay(like the “Paying with Bitcoin demo video does”), but the payment procedure is the same.

***Note- Videos may not load if you’re running a VPN***

Paying with bitcoin demo video